Create new funny dual-flavoured combi-products with Chewycoat – the amount of possibilities are infinite

Extend your brand into the high profit and rapidly growing segment of chewing gum. It is both easy to get started and easy to use.

Chewycoat is a patented process and product that makes it possible to coat products – centres - with chewing gum. A coating pan and a centre are the only things required – and the centre might already be in your range!

Chewycoat offers a great opportunity for creation of new funny products with surprise combinations for the end-user. Chewycoat brings a unique flavour explosion into the chewing gum and the possibility of dual flavour and dual texture.

Chewycoat powder is suitable for all types of centres. Examples of products that are well suited for coating with Chewycoat are mints, jellies, chews, liquorice, etc.

With Chewycoat, end-users can now have their favourite candy as a chewing gum!

Chewycoat for the confectionery segmentWith Chewycoat, end-users can have their favorite candy as chewing gum


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What is chewycoat

Lots of possibilities for 
new funny products with
dual flavour and texture

- surprise combinations

for the end-user ...

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Mouth fresheners / oral care

Mouth fresheners

Chewing gum and mint
- the best of two worlds
combined into one product.
Create chewing gum with
a taste explosion ...



Health supplements

Health supplements

A new drug delivery
system. No need to swal-
low a tablet - chew it!
Chewing gum with added
value ...


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