Health supplements

Create a chewing gum out of your tablet and let your customers chew their way to better health

Coat health supplements in tablet or pill form with Chewycoat. This is particularly suitable for end-users who are uncomfortable with swallowing pills.

The patented Chewycoat process secures incorporation of the sensitive ingredients such as vitamins, extracts and proteins into the chewing gum without loss of effect, and sensitive ingredients are protected against temperature, oxidation, humidity etc.

With Chewycoat, you can create chewing gum out of your tablet. There are no limitations as to the size of pill that can be coated with chewing gum

Let your end-users chew their way to better health!

Create a chewing gum out of our tabletVitamins coated with chewycoat chewing gum powder


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What is chewycoat

Lots of possibilities for 
new funny products with
dual flavour and texture

- surprise combinations

for the end-user ...

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Mouth fresheners / oral care

Mouth fresheners

Chewing gum and mint
- the best of two worlds
combined into one product.
Create chewing gum with
a taste explosion ...



Health supplements

Health supplements

A new drug delivery
system. No need to swal-
low a tablet - chew it!
Chewing gum with added
value ...


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