What is chewycoat

Chewycoat is the new generation of centre filled chewing gum that opens up a world of opportunities.

Chewycoat is chewing gum made in a completely new way. All you need to get started are a coating pan and a product - your centre - which you would like to coat with chewing gum. The centre may already be in your range. It is therefore possible to speed up the development process, and in this way get faster to the market.

Chewycoat is a unique concept consisting of a high gum base ready-to-use chewing gum powder and a coating process. This new concept makes it possible for you to extend your brand into the high profit and rapidly growing segment of chewing gum – quite easily and with just a small investment or even no investment at all!

Chewycoat is product and process patented and marketed worldwide by Alsiano.


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Cheawycoat requires only a centre and a coating pan



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What is chewycoat

Lots of possibilities for 
new funny products with
dual flavour and texture

- surprise combinations

for the end-user ...

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Mouth fresheners / oral care

Mouth fresheners

Chewing gum and mint
- the best of two worlds
combined into one product.
Create chewing gum with
a taste explosion ...



Health supplements

Health supplements

A new drug delivery
system. No need to swal-
low a tablet - chew it!
Chewing gum with added
value ...


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